Mission Statement

Uniting People to Jesus Christ, the Messiah

How will we live out this mission statement?

  1. By proclaiming the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ as the only means of forgiveness and salvation for sinners.

  2. By rightly proclaiming and teaching about God’s means of grace (Baptism, the Preached Word, and the Lord’s Supper).

  3. By having worship services that are liturgically and musically Christ-centered and dynamic.

  4. By seeking to equip all the saints, young and old alike, through Gospel-driven Christian education.

  5. By living out, in the power of the Holy Spirit, our Lord’s call to love one another, pray for one another, and care for one another in word and deed.

  6. By regularly encouraging each and every parishioner to use their God-given gifts within the life of the Body of Christ.

  7. By actively seeking opportunities to engage those outside the church with the Good News of Jesus Christ, both in our daily, individual lives and in our corporate church life.